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What's New

  • New Node Editor soloing hotkey pref: you can choose any key (if not already used by Maya) with optional "alt-" and "ctrl-" modifiers (for example: "alt-@")

Miscellaneous and Important Changes 

  • On Linux, we now also look for the VISUAL environment variable when deciding what editor to use to view RIB. VISUAL will take precedence over the EDITOR variable

  • Dicing strategy options have been exposed in the RenderMan section of NURBS and mesh polymesh nodes
  • Mesh nodes' watertight dicing control has moved to the Subdivision Surface section as it only affects subdivision surfaces
  • RfM will now show the previously selected shelf tab after it has built/re-built the RenderMan shelf


  • Fixed a bug where playblast to 'it' wouldn't automatically open he image sequence on windows, although it was saved to disk

  • Mesh deformations are now correctly updating during playblasts
  • Fixed an error when expanding OpenVDB file paths
  • Fixed a bug where the auto headlight wouldn't be created when doing render region in the viewport
  • An issue with batch rendering using relative paths for images has been fixed
  • Fixed texture manager updates when using Substance in Maya plugin
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes cached Maya fluids wouldn't render correctly

Developer Documentation

You can find a useful Doxygenated developer documentation in the Developers' Guide under RfM2

Known Limitations

RenderMan for Maya

  • Light Linking volumes is not currently supported
  • Only motion blurred meshes and transforms retain their blur after frame changes during IPR
  • Deselecting "Receive Shadows" does not work.
  • Creating a mesh light from existing geometry during IPR will duplicate the geometry in-render. Restart the render to remove the duplicate.
  • We do not support Camera Facing Curves in Xgen
  • Xgen will not reflect changes in the Collection
  • Limited UDIM texture support in viewport
  • >Maya Fur Feedback is not supported
  • Playblast on Windows does not automatically play in "it", open the sequence manually

    Xgen : Xgen will crash during live rendering unless you set Window > Preferences > Xgen > Multithreading to "off" (unchecked).