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How many frames in a chunk/at a time in sequence on a remote server. The default is 5.


Use checkpointing in a batch render, choosing the number of minutes or iterations before a checkpoint is written. You can control this option using the same syntax found in the Checkpointing Document under "How to Specify". You may specify anything from individual render increments to seconds, minutes, hours, and days. As well as specify an exit time after a checkpoint time or an exit alone without the checkpointing at a given time. The help text popup over the field provides examples, such as: 5m,1h says create a checkpoint every 5 minutes and exit at 1hour, writing the final result.

Launch Denoiser

If deselected, the denoise operation will not launch, you can run the denoiser tool after the image is written manually. Note the display driver in the render settings must be set for denoising.