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Since we do not recommend changing the shipped rmfrfm.json files, you may use a system environment variable, RFM_SHOW_PATH or RFM_SITE_PATH, to source your custom versions.


RenderMan for Maya will search in the following order and merge/override in the same order. Note : This hierarchical process is valid for the other config files: shelf.json, aovs.json, menu.json, etc.

  1. rfm will read RFMTREE/config/rfm.json. This is the base configuration and should NEVER be altered by you, please make a custom version.
  2. rfm looks for RFM_SITE_PATH and RFM_SHOW_PATH. These can either be environment variables or values in the main rfm.json (prefer the Environment Variable route).
  3. rfm looks for RFMfor RFM_SITE_PATH/config/rfm.json. if found, it's its contents will be merged with the base config.
  4. rfm looks for RFMfor RFM_SHOW_PATH/config/rfm.json. if found, it's its contents will be merged/override the base config and the site config.
  5. rfm looks for ~for ~/rfm/config/rfm.json. if found, it's its contents will be merged/override the base config, the site and show config. On Windows this would be Documents\config\rfm.json.

override.json can be used to override default values of RfM nodes both standard and custom.


Code Block
shader PxrLayer
   [[int rfm_nodeid=1053299, string 
    int rfc_nodeid=1037674, string rfc_description="Xpxrlayer",         
    string help = "An OSL pattern for layerable parameters for PxrSurface or "
            "input layer to PxrLayerMixer."



C++ Plug-ins

In your custom rfm.json file, you can load your files like the below example:

Code Block
    "$schema": "./rfmSchema.json",
    "resources": {
        "user": {
            "nodes": {
                "node_exclusion_list": [
    "dirmaps": {
        "user_to_z": {
            "from": "/User/name/maya",
            "to": "Z:/maya",
            "zone": "UNC"


Node IDs for these are included in the .args file. The order doesn't matter but it must be in the first level of the tags. The below example is for a light.