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<scene>Scene name
<layer>Maya Render Layer name
<camera>Render camera name
<aov>AOV or LPE name
<aovdir>This will write AOVs to named sub-directories
<f4>Frame padding, 4 in this case, can be omitted for no padding or use lower numbers
<ext>File type extension
<ws>Maya's current workspace, the file path in your project
<version>Inserts the version number specified above
<take>Inserts the take number specified above
<date>Current date
<assetlib>Path to the standard RenderMan Asset Library
<file>Scene file name
<frame>Decimal frame number
<jobid>Unique job identifier
<shape>Short shape name (all instances have the same shape name)
<shapepath>Long shape name (all instances have unique shapepath names)
<time>Current time
<udim>UDIM identifier (only substituted at render time)
<imagedir>This contains the full image output directory
_MAPID_Generic texture atlas identifier (only substituted at render time)