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Comment: added the abortall option to the errorHandler and added information about the new errorHandler options in 22.6.


Errors encountered during rendering are handled according to the attribute "prmanGlobalSettingsprmanGlobalStatements.errorHandler":

Error HandlerBehavior
ignoreAll errors are ignored and no diagnostic messages are generated

A diagnostic message is generated for each error, every time it occurs.

The rendering system will attempt to ignore the erroneous information and continue rendering

printonceOnly generate the diagnostic message upon the first occurrence of the error
abortThe first error will cause a diagnostic message to be generated and the rendering system will immediately terminate

If Katana or RfK cannot process a location as it prepares the Katana scenegraph for rendering it will set the type of the location to "error" which is a fatal error indicating that the render should be terminated. Less critical errors on specific locations during the Katana scenegraph traversal can be flagged as an "errorMessage" attribute on the location, with a second attribute "errorSeverity" to indicate the level of severity of the problem.


Abort the render on errors generated from Katana as well as prman errors

Handling errors from RenderMan or Katana Handling of these errors can be overridden with the use of error handler override attribute functions. These attribute functions give provide the opportunity to alter error handling behavior on a location or error-specific basis. The attribute function is given the location path and the location's attributes as input and is expected to return an attribute containing an integer "abort" attribute indicating whether or not the render should be terminated.

Error handler override functions should be added to the global attribute attributes "prmanGlobalStatements.plugin.errorHandlerAttrFncs". If none are specified then error handling proceeds according to the prman errorHandler, and locations of type "error" will terminate the renderkatanaErrorHandlerAttrFncs" and "prmanGlobalStatements.plugin.rendermanErrorHandlerAttrFncs".


Currently the log level defaults to "INFO", determined by the log configuration file in KATANA_HOME. In order to change the log level we copy the configuration file, change the level and set and environment variable (using Linux):