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Additional Changes


Miscellaneous Changes

  • PrmanObjectStatements conversion script will now convert legacy "prmanStatements.attributes.shade.shadingrate" to "prmanStatements.primAttributes.dice.micropolygonlength"
  • Added support for "hole" tag via "geometry.holyPolyIndices" attr in "subdmesh" locations
  • Change default for option trace worldorigin to "camera"
  • New Preset Browser nodes are now correctly set as editable
  • PrmanPresetBrowser can now directly assign assets to selected scenegraph locations. New asset nodes are now combined into a single, floating group for immediate addition to Katana recipe.
  • Preset Browser : Imported assets now have a built-in MaterialAssign which can be set or modified via the enclosing Group's CEL statement
  • Data window and display window are now supported for DeepEXR outputs
  • The "autocrop" option is now available for raw OpenEXR outputs
  • The user:maxtextureresolution and user:texturemipbias attributes are now exposed in PrmanObjectStatements
  • Materials can be referenced inside procedurals via their scenegraph location
  • Live render edits to the rendererProcedural attribute are now supported
  • Support relativeScopedCoordinateSystems entries that don't start with '/' (the format produced by PxrUsdIn)


  • Adding locations that are children of /root during live render now works
  • Fixed bugs in legacy attribute conversion op which could lead to incorrect values
  • Preset browser import no longer fails on bad parameter data. Instead a warning will be printed and the parameter will be ignored
  • RfK will now correctly terminate the render on error locations
  • Muting the parent of a light filter now correctly mutes all light filter references
  • Single-element instance array primvars are now handled correctly
  • Fix crash in Viewer and Hydra Viewer when muting a light with a light filter reference that has "Lock Size to Cone Angle" enabled
  • RfK will now correctly terminate the render on error locations
  • Adding and removing portal lights from a dome during a live render is now correctly handled