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Miscellaneous and Important Changes 

  • Various UI changes and improvements

  • Added camera projection sweep parameters

  • Added holdout shelf and menu tool for creating holdout geometry and setting up shadow AOVs

  • Render cameras now available in subnets
  • Geo/xform motion sample parameter overrides on obj nodes are now interactive
  • Move "enable depth of field" toggle behavior to ROP node
  • Object paths now evaluate expressions
  • Support added for custom versions of pxr nodes with name scope::namespace::pxr*::version
  • We now support sparse RenderMan parameters
  • RfH now drives fovEnd from standard camera parameters
  • Users can set env variable searchpaths
  • Users can override pixel filter for id, sampleCount, cpuTime, id, and z AOVs
  • We now always emit defaults for unchanged parameters
  • Added bake render menu tool, ROP button, and now prevent IPR renders from starting while baking
  • The texture manager now rejects files with unknown extensions. A warning will be output with the file name
  • Visibility SOP nodes are no longer respected by RenderMan, since they are intended to affect viewport visualization
  • There is now a "Round Curves" setting in the spare RenderMan settings.  Curves with normals render as ribbons, and this setting has the effect of ignoring the normals
  • Add Spare Parameters have been reorganized


  • Fixed forced matte and phantom to render regardless of candidate membership

  • We now output AOVs with shelf render button
  • A bug that prevented meshes with multiple shaders from rendering when deformation blur was on has been fixed

  • We now respect pixel aspect ratio
  • Ptex support (for quads only) fixed
  • Fixed overwriting VDB files on disk
  • Fixed a bug where Houdini scenes with hair would sometimes crash
  • An issue where preview renders in the preset browser were not working has been addressed

  • We now only write non-default shading parameters
  • No longer update render when changing folders
  • NURBS curves were being converted to linear, and now they're rendered directly, so should appear smooth
  • A bug preventing exporting materials that had PxrSeExpr nodes inside has been addressed

  • A bug that caused importing of RfM presets that contained ramps using the preset browser to break has been fixed

  • Fixed a bug where the optional RMAN_RIXPLUGINPATH environment variable was not being looked at when loading args files during RfH startup
  • Fixed a bug where osl structs used in conjuction with the special vstructmember tag "<paramname>.Struct" weren't establishing expected struct to struct connections when translated to RenderMan
  • Fixed a batch rendering bug where first frame was missing motion blur
  • We now correctly write float array instance attributes
  • Fixed a bug where motion blur was not applied with SOP was not time dependent
  • The Dicing Reference Camera now works as expected.  It's available under RenderMan/PrimVars/Dicing PrimVars that can be added to geometry nodes
  • Selecting "point velocity attribute" for Point Motion Blur on point instances should now work

  • Preset Browser

    • Fixed configuration-specific incorrect scaling of menu fonts in the preset browser

    • Fixed incorrect gamma correction of preset browser preview renders

    • The preset browser will now correctly generate a preview image when saving a light rig