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  • Valid Frame Range: Choose the frames to render, not valid for interactive rendering
    • Start/End/Inc: The frame range and increments, accepts floating point values
  • Render With Take: Which versioning to use
  • Camera: Path to the chosen camera from which to render. This must have a camera specified. If using our shelf button, we will populate the field
  • Override Camera Resolution: Change the render resolution from the one specified in the camera settings



  • Integrator: What integrator to use. If this is empty or not set, we use the PxrDefault Integrator
  • Enable Depth of Field: Allows the use of Depth of Field settings, this is an easy on/off setting should you want to disable it for scene tweaking
  • Allow Motion Blur: Turns on motion blur for scene entities. Please note the motion blur of volumes is controlled by the BxDF, PxrVolume separately

Sampling Tab

See also Renderer Options for more details