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  • A bug that prevented the use of DWAa and DWAb EXR compression has been addressed

  • Fix extraneous warnings created when rendering motion blur on alembic geometry imported into Houdini
  • Bug fix pxrshadowsamplefilter Shader Type = output
  • Fixed a bug on Linux where Houdini could crash if rendering to 'it' after having rendered in the Render View
  • Fixed a bug that did not unhide geometry when subnet became visible
  • Mesh light bug fixes including issues with referenced geometry
  • Fix sun direction manipulator to prevent invalid directions
  • Allow/Fix point, vector, matrix, normal osl parameters to render correctly
  • Correctly reverse NURBS orientation
  • First iteration now obeys crop window settings
  • A bug that caused imported envmaps from the preset browser to fail in Houdini has been addressed

  • Fixed a texture manager failure

Known Issues

  • Phantom objects are removed from all rays, not just camera rays
  • Applying undo of deleted nodes or collapsing to subnet may not work as expected
  • Interactive Render Regions may require adjustment to start rendering
  • Rewiring subnet indirect inputs
  • Auto camera creation for IPR
  • RenderMan clipping planes
  • If a light instance's master is disabled, the first render/update will still show the master