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Adaptive Metric: Make use of the improved Variance sampling algorithm as the default. You can use the Contrast-V22 metric as the older technique to match previous renders. The new technique improves the consistency of noise frame to frame. Extra options may be visible for each selection.

    • Contrast-V22: An older metric based on the contrast threshold between samples, this will match sampling from recent previous versions
      • Darkfalloff: used to prevent oversampling in dark areas of an image that may not be important
    • Variance: An improved perceptual variance scheme that should provide consistent noise frame to frame
      • Exposure: used to give a hint to the renderer that it should sample based on this exposure bracket (assuming the compositing process stays within that range as not to reveal unsampled noise beyond the expected range)

Adapt All: Apply the sampling quality criteria (pixel variance) to all color/illumination AOVs. This can increase render time as some AOVs may have more noise than the Beauty and trigger more samples through all the AOVs.