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The connections tab provides information about users or script that have logged in to the engine. The information provided includes:

  • Login - The name of the user logged in via UI or script.

  • Host - The IP address of the host from which the script or user is logged in.

  • Buffer - Is the number of subscription buffers that are waiting to be sent to the user.

  • Notified - The number of seconds since the user or script last connected and requested mbox data.

    The Buffer and Notified values can be used to help identify UI or scripts that have stopped requesting subscription data. This may be indicative of a problem.

  • Session - The session ID which is returned when a user logs into the engine. When a user or script logs in to the engine, a SESSIONID directory is created in ${TractorDataDirectory}/users/USERNAME/. The Session value in this tab corresponds to the directory created when the user logged in.