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  • Fixed various bugs relating to the checkpointing and restoration of Cryptomattes

  • Fix baking crash when dicing bilinear subdivision mesh
  • The baking of subsurface scattering results has been improved
    • When baking illumination and subsurface scattering in world space, explicitly set: Attribute “dice” “string strategy” “worlddistance”
  • Avoid a crash with invalid scene display and display channel configurations
  • A bug that caused ray depth values retrieved from a pattern node to produce inconsistent results has been fixed
  • Fix deprecated python SGManager.ScopedScene utility class destructor
  • Fixed a problem where dielectrics with intersection priority and interior volumes may have produced darker shadows than expected

  • RLF/Alembic: the renderer would refuse to render scenes containing RLF data created with an older protocol version
  • Fixed a crash with cached opacity
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to sporadic crashes when using OSL trace()
  • Fixed a bug that affected cross-frame denoising of AOVs

  • We now correctly combine the two shadow exclusion subsets defined by Attribute "trace" "string shadowexcludesubset" and the "string shadowExcludeSubset" parameter on Light shaders that support this functionality

  • A bug has been fixed that prevented packed alembic archives of points with velocity and changing topology from being rendered correctly
  • Fixed a bug where curves were producing correct dPdtime and dPcameradtime AOVs only if curves had deformation motion


Miscellaneous Changes

  • The dPdtime AOV no longer contains camera motion. Users should use the dPcameradtime AOV to output a motion AOV with camera motion

  • Checkpoint commands can now take a new %E token which will expand into the elapsed time in a human-readable h:mm:ss form. This is convenient for logging with echo

  • Checkpointing with a sequence of intervals will now resume the sequence from where it left off after recovery. Recoveries from checkpoints by prior RenderMan versions will still
    restart the sequence from the beginning

  • Support live render edits of screen window as an option or camera property

  • Avoid emitting error R09065 when adaptall is enabled

Known Limitations

Interactive/Live Rendering Limitations

  • Bucket size cannot be changed during live rendering
  • Changes to Presence do not update when using the opacity cache option
  • Motion Blur will disappear during interactive rendering with scene changes
  • Objects are not re-diced during interactive camera edits
  • Mesh lights cannot be interchanged as geometry without a restart

RenderMan Pro Server

  • When baking illumination sample filters and display filters are not currently supported and may lead to a crash.
  • PxrUnified integrator is currently experimental as it does not yet support all the standard rendering features.
  • Meshlights cannot be instanced.
  • Load-on-demand procedurals are not supported anymore, all procedurals are now loaded immediately.
  • We do not read point data from OpenVDB files.
  • PxrSurface back diffuse color is not output to the albedo color AOV.
  • Analytical lights placed inside volumes may yield artifacts when made visible to the camera. As a work around, the light camera visibility should be turned off, and a geometry with a similar shape should be used (visible to camera, invisible to transmission and indirect rays), with the proper emissive BxDF.
  • Using the ' . ' character in the handle for an OSL shader could cause unpredictable results during re-rendering.
  • Per-Instance baking is not supported, only the reference instance.
  • 3d baking: no direct bake-to-ptex support.
  • PxrBakePointCloud cannot directly render ptex.
  • Sample/Display filter plug-ins do not have access to lighting services for light dependent effects, e.g. lens flare.
  • Adding new mesh light on existing geometry during IPR results in double geometry.
  • Motion blurred polygons do not motion blur normals when deformed. Use Subdivision meshes instead.
  • When attempting to access an array primvar, you must first check the size of the array primvar and allocate the appropriate space. Not doing so may lead to a crash.
  • Points and curves cannot be used as geometric lights.
  • Deformation motion blurred volumes don't currently work with densityFloatPrimVar or densityColorPrimVar. You will need to use a PxrPrimVar node connected to densityFloat and densityColor instead.