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  • Checkpointing can now take a sequence of intervals that it steps through with each checkpoint, this allows output at different specified timings

  • A new section, 'channelrenamings' has been added to the denoiser configuration file. This allows the Denoiser to internally rename channels before processing, providing greater
    flexibility on the input images it can handle

  • Added new option to disable per-instance geometric light attributes for compatibility reasons: Option "future" "int enableGeometricLightInstanceAttributes" [1] (default)

  • OSL shaders in RenderMan can utilize substitution of <udim>, <u>, <v>, <U>, <V> and <primstr:varname> token substitutions in filenames for texture()
    and gettextureinfo() shadeops

  • Add a new backwards-compatible adaptivemetric hider option for adaptive sampling in RenderMan 23: "variance-v22". This switches back to the old relative variance calculation from RenderMan 22