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future:enableGeometricLightInstanceAttributesint1This disable per-instance geometric light attributes for compatibility reasons
lighting:selectionlearningschemeint1Employs a machine learning algorithm to more accurately importance sample lights, taking into account occlusion and light filters. Value range: true/false.
trace:bvhcompressionfloat0Provides a hint to the system to favor memory utilization versus speed when constructing the ray accelerator. Valid values are in the range [0, 1], where the higher the values the more compact the memory representation. The control behaves almost lineraly with some discontinuities in the compression rate as different strategies are activated. The result obtained is likely to be scene dependent. As a rule of thumb, leave this control to 0 unless you need to reduce memory utilization in order to render a given scene or sequence. When tuning, set the control to 1 at first to see how much memory can be saved through compression and what time overhead is generated, then dial the number back to a lower value (if possible) and reach the deired balance between speed and memory usage. Value range: 0 to 1.
trace:worldoffsetfloat[3]0 0 0Used as the origin when the worldorigin option is set to "worldoffset".
trace:worldoriginstringcameraSet a new world origin to give better floating point precision. Supported values: world, worldoffset, camera.