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Since we do not recommend changing the shipped rmfrfm.json files, you may use a system environment variable, RFM_SHOW_PATH or RFM_SITE_PATH, to source your custom versions.


RenderMan for Maya will search in the following order and merge/override in the same order. Note : This hierarchical process is valid for the other config files: shelf.json, aovs.json, menu.json, etc.


Code Block
shader PxrLayer
   [[int rfm_nodeid=1053299, string 
    int rfc_nodeid=1037674, string rfc_description="Xpxrlayer",         
    string help = "An OSL pattern for layerable parameters for PxrSurface or "
            "input layer to PxrLayerMixer."



C++ Plug-ins

In your custom rfm.json file, you can load your files like the below example:

Code Block
    "$schema": "./rfmSchema.json",
    "resources": {
        "user": {
            "nodes": {
                "node_exclusion_list": [
    "dirmaps": {
        "user_to_z": {
            "from": "/User/name/maya",
            "to": "Z:/maya",
            "zone": "UNC"


Node IDs for these are included in the .args file. The order doesn't matter but it must be in the first level of the tags. The below example is for a light.