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Welcome to RenderMan for Maya 23.3!

Please see the release notes below for all the new capabilities and known issues! You may also wish to visit the migration page for selected highlights. 

New Features in 23.3

  • Added new RenderMan menu to enable illumination baking capabilities. 


  • An issue that caused batch rendering of render layers to fail has been fixed
  • Fix issue with pre/post render MEL callbacks spooling renders that use Yeti
  • Importing light rigs from the preset browser will now pay attention to the rfmDefaultLightShading preference
  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting a displacement shader wasn't updating during IPR
  • Fixed a bug where after disonnecting a pattern during IPR, the parameter's slider would not be responsive while mouse down
  • The preset browser documentation menu now points to the correct documentation
  • Fixed a bug caused by an unexpected connection from a display's displayType plug
  • Fixed a bug where batch preview renders could fail to render on Windows
  • Fixed a bug where batch preview renders using the RIB spool style, would not respect the Output AOVs preference
  • Fixed a bug for IPR renders to 'it' with the Output AOVs preference enabled. The first AOV name would not appear in the list of AOVs in 'it'