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Code Block
/prman/checkpoint/asfinal [bool]

Option "checkpoint" "int asfinal" [0|1]

Flexible Timing

You can also specify a sequence of intervals instead of using a single constant interval. This way you can output a checkpoint at different points during a render to verify everything is working as expected rather than having to stop and restart a job after viewing progress with one set of checkpoints.

Code Block
Option "checkpoint" "string[3] interval" ["1i" "10m" "1h"]
Option "checkpoint" "int[3] interval" [-1 600 3600]

/prman/checkpoint/interval     1i 10m 1h

The above examples result in the following: Write a checkpoint at the first increment, then after 10 minutes, and then each hour thereafter. The benefit is plain to see, verify the image is rendering at the first increment quickly. Then at 10 minutes you can verify the image is correct, no missing geometry or textures, etc. Then continue to output every hour until you're pleased with the quality of the result, already secure the image is correct.

You can also specify more increments, for example:

Code Block
Option "checkpoint" "string[5] interval" ["1i" "15m" "2h" "2h" "1h"]

This will generate a checkpoint output at the first increment, another in 15 minutes, then a checkpoint at 2 hours for the next two outputs, and then at each hour afterwards.

Temporary Files While Writing