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  • Alembic Cache workflow improvements
    • If editing a node's rfl, the editor can auto-save your edits to disk. There is a new icon in the UI to toggle that feature. It defaults to On
    • You can click-drag on the enable column to toggle a lot of rules quickly
    • You can cmd/ctrl-right-click on a payload to select the assigned material
    • Now supports shape edits
    • The RLF editor now support attribute overrides
    • All archive nodes are now, by default, visible to indirect rays
  • Maya 2020 is now supported.


  • Fixed a bug on Linux and OSX where the plug-in wouldn't load if RenderManProServer was installed in a directory with a different name than the default
  • A bug that caused the wrong frame number to be used in the task title for batch render jobs has been fixed

  • Fixed a bug where the shapepath token used in texture file name expressions failed to resolve on shapes with same name
  • Fixed a bug where preset materials would fail to import and nodes would be left unconnected
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when meshes had faces with no material assignment