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Additional Changes

  • Illumination/integrator baking is supported in RfK. For an example of how to set this up see <not yet existing rfk documentation>. The primary output is not added for bake renders unless the output is defined by the user in the katana scene.
  • Added a new setting to the plugin->Location Handling section of PrmanGlobalStatements - prmanGlobalStatements.plugin.interpolateXformToMaxTimeSamples.  This setting will linearly interpolate every xform in the scene to be from shutterOpen to shutterClose and use maxTimeSamples number of samples.  This is useful in cases where the samples in an incoming abc file don't line up with the scene's Render Settings.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added a debug setting - prmanGlobalStatements.plugin.debugRibFile - to PrmanGlobalStatements that dumps a debug rib file before each render
  • Removed the geometricApproximation primAttributes from PrmanObjectStatements.
  • Removed the trace.samplemotion primAttribute from PrmanObjectStatements
  • The darkfalloff option has been brought back for adaptive sampling

Bug Fixes

  • The PxrTee inputRGB port now accepts incoming connections of type color, vector, point, or normal
  • Fixed a bug with RfK multithreaded traversal where locations with the same instance.ID could create and use different masters. This would result in a very similar render, but could result in different dicing on the instances and a memory increase.
  • Checkpoint and recovery now works past the first checkpoint command on Windows.