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Allows GPrim primitive variables (primvars) to be delivered through pattern graphs. This can be used in place of PxrPrimvar


Input Parameters

Variable Name


  • Shading position (P)
  • Undisplaced position (Po)
  • Shading normal (Nn)
  • Geometric normal (Ngn)
  • Undisplaced normal (Non)
  • Shading tangent (Tn)
  • Normalized view vector (Vn)
  • Length of view vector (VLen)
  • Surface mean curvature (curvature)
  • Surface curvature in U direction (curvature_u)
  • Surface curvature in V direction (curvature_v)
  • Ray Spread (incidentRaySpread)
  • Ray Radius (incidentRayRadius)
  • Micropolygon radius (PRadius)
  • Micropolygon size (mpSize)
  • Reflection Bias (biasR)
  • Transmission (biasT)
  • Surface U (u)
  • Surface V (v)
  • Surface W (w)
  • Surface UV (uv)
  • Surface UVW (uvw)
  • Ray footprint U (du)
  • Ray footprint V (dv)
  • Ray footprint W (dw)
  • Ray footprint UV (duv)
  • Ray footprint UVW (duvw)
  • Surface derivative U (dPdu)
  • Surface derivative V (dPdv)
  • Surface derivative W (dPdw)
  • Velocity (dPdtime)
  • Time (time)
  • Outside IOR (outsideIOR)
  • Opacity (Oi)
  • Forward Motion (motionFore)
  • Backward Motion ( motionBack )



Add the name of the primitive variable


The type of the primitive variable, this must match the type you've chosen as the Variable: