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This node is designed to multiple composite composite multiple PxrProjectionLayer nodes, but accepts connections from other patterns.


Connect the resultA output of a PxrProjectionLayer pattern to here.




This array of integers should contain the number of channels computed by the PxrProjectionLayer connected at the same array index. This number MUST be correct otherwise PxrProjectionStack will be unable to correctly retrieve and unpack the data. It may even crash. The best solution is to connect PxrProjectionLayer.outNumChannels to PxrProjectionStack.layersNumChannels[n] to guarantee correct operation.

 Channels RGB


[0-16] RGB

Each of these parameters must be connected to a PxrProjectionLayer.outChannelsRGB plug. The number of valid array members will be defined by the size of the layersNumChannels array. The channel RGB data is packed in a single color array and the number of channels is necessary to compute the starting point of each channel.the parameter must match the PxrProjectionLayer's layer index.

Channels Aov Names

This array contains an array of (optional) AOV names to which channels should be output. Invalid AOV names will be safely ignored. The AOV name order MUST match the channel order, i.e. if channel 2 contains specular color data, channelsAovNames[2] should contain "color projectedSpecularColor". You can reference up to 32 AOVs.


The B channel from the resultRGB output.


Assignable outputs for up to 8 layers. See Output Channels Idx for configuration.