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grouping:idint0Grouping id used for raytrace disambiguation purposes. Value range: 0 to 15.
grouping:membershipstringemptyGrouping membership used for linking.
identifier:idint0Lower 32 bits of 64 bit object id.
identifier:id2int0Upper 32 bits of 64 bit object id.
identifier:lpegroupstringemptyGrouping membership used for light path expressions.
identifier:namestringemptyObject instance name.
stats:identifierstringemptyIdentifier string used by the stats system when referring to this instance.


lightfilter:subsetstringemptyActive light filter groups in lighting.
lighting:excludesubsetstringemptyExclude light groups from lighting.
lighting:muteint0Mutes light emission.
lighting:subsetstringemptyLight groups active in lighting.
Ri:Matteint0Indicates matte object.
Ri:ReverseOrientationint0Flip shading normals.
Ri:Sidesint2Geometry can be one or two sided.
shade:indexofrefractionfloat-1Override material IOR for nested dielectrics.
shade:minsamplesint1Min Pixel Samples. For fine-tuning adaptive sampling.
shade:relativepixelvariancefloat1PixelVariance multiplier for camera visible objects. For fine-tuning adaptive sampling.
trace:holdoutint0Indicates holdout object.
trace:intersectpriorityint0Raytrace intersection priority for nested dielectrics. Value range: 0 to 31.
trace:maxdiffusedepthint1Maximum diffuse light bounces. Not valid for PxrUnified integrator
trace:maxspeculardepthint2Maximum specular light bounces. Not valid for PxrUnified integrator
trace:reflectexcludesubsetstringemptyExclude object groups from relections.
trace:reflectsubsetstringemptyObject groups visible to reflections.
trace:shadowexcludesubsetstringemptyExclude object groups from casting shadows.
trace:shadowsubsetstringemptyObject groups active in shadows.
trace:transmitexcludesubsetstringemptyExclude object groups from refractions.
trace:transmitsubsetstringemptyObject groups visible to refractions.
visibility:cameraint1Indicates if object is visible to camera rays.
visibility:indirectint1Indicates if object is visible to indirect (reflection and refraction) rays.
visibility:transmissionint1Indicates if object is visible to shadow rays.