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To use an image sequence, Typically, you'll use string substitutions to construct texture map references by embedding the frame number in your favorite representation supported by your DCC of choice. Here's an example:

(For Maya)   $PROJPATH/sourceimages/flapping.<f4>.tex
(For Katana) '/images/flapping.%04d.tex' % frame
(For Houdini) use $F $F3 in the file name or Houdini expressions,`padzero(3, $F)`

It's best to avoid special characters, diacritics, and spaces in your file path as these may not be resolved correctly and result in the texture failing to render.

Additionally, there are some substitutions that RenderMan will directly do in any texture filename that can be used here. If you have used Mari, Mudbox, or ZBrush to create a tile-based series of textures, put "<UDIM>" (Mari), "_u<U>_v<V>" (Mudbox), or "_u<u>_v<v>" (Zbrush) into the filename. For example, if your textures are from Mari and you have names of /path/to/my/diffuseTexture.1001.exr and /path/to/my/diffuseTexture.1002.exr, the path you should should specify should be "/path/to/my/diffuseTexture.<UDIM>.exr". The Atlas Style parameter does not matter in this context.

In addition to the Atlas substitution strings we support, you can also reference a constant string primvar in your filename to make it easy to reuse a texture across different pieces of geometry, where the primvar dictates a filename convention.


Offsets the first channel to be looked up.

[Deprecated] Atlas Style

The atlas style parameter is deprecated in favor of using the atlas subtitution tokens directly in the filename parameter.  If you specify an atlas style, the the filename must must contain <UDIM> _MAPID_ which will be substituted automatically according to the surface parameterization and and atlasStyle.

A Mari UDIM example for the first UV tile would be Diffuse.1001.tex where "1001" replaces <UDIM> _MAPID_ in the texture filename. 

ValueFilenameAtlas StyleEquivalent Use in path"filename"Alternative
0Diffuse.1001.texUDIM (Mari)Diffuse.<UDIM>.texDiffuse.<udim>.tex
1Diffuse.U1_V1.texUV Tile Base-1 (Mudbox)Diffuse.<U>u<U>_<V>u<V>.tex
2Diffuse.u0_v0.texUV Tile Base-0 (Zbrush)Diffuse.<u>u<u>_<v>u<v>.tex

So, for example. 

If your textures use the Mari UDIM style and the filename is: Diffuse.1001.tex, you need to use Diffuse.<UDIM>.tex for the textures to load into their correct UDIMs.  

Note : <UDIM> can be in either UPPER or lowercase <udim>


Users should avoid negative texture coordinates for all atlas texture workflows