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  • There are two new optional controls for path-traced subsurface scattering - Attribute "trace" "int sssautobias" and "trace" "float sssbias". In the rare cases where the automatically computed bias for path-traced subsurface scattering needs tweaking, one can set "sssautobias" to 0 and "sssbias" to a desired value such as 1e-6. The default values are 1 for "sssautobias" and 1e-4 for "sssbias".

  • Allow volumes to output their AOVs via PxrTee

    PxrTee can now export AOV's from the shading networks for Volumes.

  • The PxrPrimvar built-in names "curvature_u" and "curvature_v" for principal curvatures can now also be written "curvatureU" and "curvatureV". This is for forward compatibility with the OSL version of PxrPrimvar in RenderMan 24.

  • We have deprecated the behavior where connecting a utility pattern to a PxrSurface node forces uncached opacity computations. This has been seen to be a major performance detriment, but can be re-enabled with Option "user" "int utilityPatternForcesOpacity" [1].

  • Added support for OpenEXR Arbitrary Metadata.
  • PxrAttribute has a new resultI output to allow users to chain PxrAttribute nodes.