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  • Motion Blur Fixes:
    • For maya Maya curves created with the curve tool (different from hair).
    • For a blendShape that had its "origin" attribute set to "world" rather than "local".
    • For when blur would revert to frame-open style when mesh was edited during IPR.
  • Fixed a bug where light filters from referenced maya Maya scene files with namespaces were being ignored.
  • Pixel aspect ratio is no longer ignored for preview/IPR renders.
  • Fixed a bug where only the first xgen instanced archive was output to the renderer.
  • Fixed a bug where PxrCryptomatte sample filter could pick up the wrong camera substitution for the <camera> variable in its filename.
  • Denoising with mayabatch now works as expected.
  • Fixed a bug where some array parameters with indices greater than 9 would fail to export.


  • Translation of mayaMaya's image planes now respects the "Use Image Sequence" checkbox, and the "fit" of image planes is translated accurately.
  • Added a -par argument for the Render command for setting pixel aspect, named the same as maya's.
  • Namespaced alembic nodes are now automatically associated with a set of similarly namespaced materials.
  • Now process standard extension attributes on custom transforms.
  • Allow multiple instances of a procedural primitive to exhibit different random variations. Added a per-instance "user:procprimid" attribute that can be used by patterns to compute a globally unique attribute.

  • Added a new -velocityscale flag to the procedural to scale velocity primvars used for motion blurring. Added velocity scaling control to gpuCache node.

  • Implemented AOV import/export and basic AOV overrides.
  • When "Omit defaulted attributes" is enabled, RFM RfM will omit the "maxdiffusedepth", "maxspeculardepth" and "relativepixelvariance" attributes in RIB archives, if they are set to their default value, so they may be overridden.
  • RenderMan for Maya now supports the parentOffsetMatrix attribute on transform nodes.