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For over 30 years RenderMan has been at the forefront of the visual effects revolution, and today RenderMan is a high-performance renderer built to tackle the most complicated 3D scenes imaginable. RenderMan version 25 provides a next-level AI denoiser that allows you to substantially reduce render times, new MaterialX Lama features from ILM, and new features in Stylized Looks. 

RenderMan XPU brings support for LPEs and a new texture cache that provides faster render times on machines low on GPU memory.

RenderMan 25 - Main Features

AI Denoiser Originally developed at Disney Research, in conjunction with Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Industrial Light & Magic, the AI new Denoiser brings machine learning to denoising.  It maintains sharpness even in the most difficult of scenes, such as those with hair and fur, or those with lots of points-based effects. 

The AI Denoiser denoiser will allow you to cut off your renders substantially earlier than before, saving you time on your render farm.


Enhanced Cameras in RenderMan XPU™  Use interactive rendering for dialling dialing in the depth of field, vignetting, and other camera effects.