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Lama Tricolor Subsurface Scattering operates differently than LamaSSS in a few significant ways.

For most cases, you will be happy with the results of LamaSSS. However, there are instances where the user may want a non-physical way to control the colors of the scattering. The Color in LamaSSS uses the supplied RGB value to determine the color scatter as noted in the parameter description. This means your result may have color shifts that are not desirable. Let's say you supply a textured color of RGB 0.51 0.28 0.31 which is a pink color.

The scattering result will also include the green (0.28) and blue (0.31) responses. The LamaSSS material maintains the pink color. Below is an example using this scenario illustrating the differences. Note the color shift on the Path-traced mode (Left) while the Tricolor version maintains the colors of the texture at all depths where connected.