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RenderMan for Maya (RfM) provides easy access to RenderMan features via either a Maya-centric workflow (including Maya-style pattern nodes, etc.) or in conjunction with the other tools.

The plugin also connects Maya with RenderMan Pro Server in new ways, leading to fast interactive results without the need of writing RIB. The RIB-out functionality continues to support existing pipelines and farm rendering. RfM provides truly seamless access to RenderMan's speed, power, and stability for Maya users, who can maintain a simple, Maya-centric workflow, or take advantage of the plugins' flexibility to create an optimal, customized pipeline.


RenderMan for Maya requires the installation of RenderMan Pro Server as well as the RfM plugin in order to function correctly. The RenderMan installer does this automatically.


"it" is a robust framebuffer/render view window, offering complete floating-point support and a powerful and flexible catalog, as well as a fast and powerful imaging tool that is capable of production-quality image manipulation and compositing usually found only in high-end standalone products. Thanks to its integration with the plugin and an all-new Python scripting interface, "it" gives users the ability to incorporate sophisticated post-render image operations into their rendering pipeline.