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Changes in RenderMan for Houdini 25.1

  • Solaris: RenderMan now respects the thread settings in husk.  RMAN-16592
  • Solaris: "light group" and "visible in refraction" ligth attibutes now correctly working.  RMAN-20589
  • Solaris: If you are using a Shutter of 0.0, 0.0 (for example, to turn off motion blur), XPU will now render properly.  RMAN-20621
  • Fixed a problem that would cause Stylized Looks to crash within Houdini.  RMAN-20661
  • If you were using XPU to render to "it" and resized the display window, XPU would have crashed.  This is now fixed.  RMAN-20237
  • When rendering interactively in Houdini, XPU would not render in-memory volumes.  This is now fixed.  RMAN-20780

Changes in RenderMan for Houdini 25.2

  • Hydra and hdPrman: Change the default pixel filter to importance.  This is the only mode supported by XPU, and is the mode that is required by the denoiser.  RMAN-20617
  • Hydra and hdPrman: Added locks around clearing the framebuffer to prevent black buckets from appearing when they shouldn't.  RMAN-20869
  • Solaris: Previously, when switching to hdPrman while there is an active Solaris live render, the renderer would either quietly fail (RIS) or crash the DCC (XPU). While this scenario still fails, it will now output an Xcpt warning and not crash..  RMAN-20793
  • Solaris: Improvements to the data window and display window calculations.  RMAN-20796
  • Solaris: Properly set the mse statistics attributes in AOVs for denoising.  RMAN-20783
  • Solaris: Fixed an issue where if the sampleCount AOV was requested and XPU was the renderer, a black screen could result.  RMAN-20784
  • Solaris: Manipulating/editing dome lights in XPU interactively now has better performance.  RMAN-20320
  • Solaris: Cryptomatte filenames will now take into account husk tile suffix.  RMAN-20696
  • Solaris: The RenderMan LOP now correctly matches the name of the created RenderMan Render Setting node to the one when creating that LOP node on its own.
  • Removed the asymmetry denoiser parameter from the RfH UI.  RMAN-20672