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Material layering in RenderMan for Houdini is incompatible with other RenderMan bridge products.   


In RenderMan for Houdini, we layer the material parameters when its local parameter values have changed from the default values

If you want to force the default value of the layer to override the layer underneath, you can lock the parameter.  This is a workaround since Houdini currently does not provide an option to force the value to be local. 


we can override the parameter in PxrSurface using PxrLayer.  Connect the output of PxrLayer to PxrSurface's pxrlayer.

In this example, we set a green diffuse color in PxrSurface.  Then we layer a PxrLayer node on top that has a cyan diffuse color.


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PxrLayer Mixer

We can combine layers using PxrLayerMixer.  Connect the output of PxrLayerMixer to PxrSurface's pxrlayer.


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