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Below are the current options and their defaults.

Name and parameters
bucket:orderstring[“horizontal”]Render bucket order: “horizontal”, “vertical”, “zigzag-x”, “zigzag-y”, “spacefill”, “random”, “spiral”, or “circle”.
bucket:orderorigininteger[2][-1 -1]First bucket for “spiral” and “circle” order. Image center is [-1 -1].
checkpoint:asfinalinteger[0]Write checkpoint as final image or remove display channels.
checkpoint:commandstring[]Command to run at each checkpoint.
checkpoint:exitatstring[]Time to checkpoint and abort render, e.g. “1h30m” for 1 hour 30 min.
checkpoint:intervalstring[]Time between checkpoints, e.g. “1h30m” for 1 hour 30 min.
checkpoint:keepfilesinteger[0]Individually name and preserve checkpoint renders.
curve:minwidthfloat[0]Minimum curve width in raster coordinates. Curves smaller than minwidth
deep:flagvolumesinteger[1]Off [0], auto (off for dtex, on otherwise) [1], or on [2]
dice:offscreenmultiplierfloat[1]Dicing rate multiplier for objects outside the viewing frustum. See dice:micropolygonlength.
dice:trianglestring[“trim”]The method used for dicing “triangles”. The default method “trim” renders triangles by trimming a quad. The “blp” method renders a quad with two points being coincident.
hider:adaptallinteger[0]Enable adaptive sampling of all AOVs. Otherwise adaptive sampling is driven by “Ci,a”, i.e. rgba, the Beauty render
hider:darkfallofffloat[0.025]This prevents oversampling in dark areas of an image. Higher values may erode sampling in brighter areas
hider:incrementalinteger[0]Incremental rendering renders passes of samples instead of bucket/tile-based. Some integrators (PxrVCM) enforce incremental
hider:maxsamplesinteger[0]The upper limit of samples per pixel
hider:minextrasamplesinteger[-1]Takes additional samples when recovering from a checkpoint to determine variance and then continues to sample
hider:minsamplesinteger[-1]The minimum samples per pixel. 0 is a special case where minsamples is the square root of the maxsamples
hider:pixelfiltermodestring[“weighted”]Weighted pixel filtering may appear to converge more quickly but Importance is required for all denoising applications as well the improved adaptive sampler (enforced)
hider:samplemotioninteger[1]Take more motion samples to improve the shape of curved paths. While this is a global control, it's more efficient to set on shape that require it
hider:sampleoffsetinteger[0]Offset RNG sample sequence.
hider:typestring[“raytrace”]Render mode “raytrace” or “bake”.
limits:brickmemoryinteger[2097152]Brickmap cache size in kB (2048 MB).
limits:bucketsizeinteger[2][16 16]Sets the bucket size in pixels
limits:deepshadowerrorfloat[0.01]Useful for rendering deep images where samples can be merged
limits:geocachememoryinteger[2097152]Geometry cache size in kB (2048 MB).
limits:gridsizeinteger[289]Description (17 x 17 = 289)
limits:matrixcachememoryinteger[0]Matrix cache in kB.
limits:nurbcurvaturedicefactorinteger[3]NURBs max curvature multiplier.
limits:octreememoryinteger[20480]None cache size in kB (20 MB).
limits:opacitycachememoryinteger[1048576]Opacity cache in kB (1024 MB).
limits:othresholdfloat[3][0.99609375 0.99609375 0.99609375]Opacity threshold (255/256).
limits:pointmemoryinteger[20480]Point cache size in kB (20 MB).
limits:proceduralbakingclumpsizeinteger[0]Description. Only used for `prman -capture`
limits:ptexturememoryinteger[32768]PTex cache size in kB (32 MB).
limits:rendermemoryfloat[0]Memory limit as percentage of machine memory.
limits:rendertimeinteger[0]Maximum render time in minutes.
limits:shadesizeinteger[289]The maximum number of vertices, not grid (17 x 17 = 289).
limits:texturememoryinteger[2097152]Texture cache size in kB (2048 MB).
limits:threadsinteger[0]Number of render threads.
lpe:customLPE:<name>string<lpe>Name custom LPE
lpe:diffuse1string[]D1 diffuse lobe name for light path expressions.
lpe:specular1string[]S1 specular lobe name for light path expressions.
lpe:user1string[]U1 user lobe name for light path expressions.
procedural:splitmodeinteger[0]Split on demand [0], up front [1], or hybrid [2].
Ri:CropWindowfloat[4][0 1 0 1]Crop window [left right top bottom] in NDC space.
Ri:FormatPixelAspectRatiofloat[1]Device pixel aspect ratio.
Ri:FormatResolutioninteger[2][640 480]Device resolution.
Ri:Frameinteger[0]Frame number.
Ri:PixelVariancefloat[0.001]The main control for frame quality, lowers numbers improve quality at the cost of computation, 0.001 is extremely high quality
Ri:ScreenWindowfloat[4][0 0 0 0]Screen window [left right top bottom] in screen space.
Ri:Shutterfloat[2][0 0]Scene motion shutter, open and close
ribparse:varsubststring[]RIB parse only.
scenedump:filenamestring[]Path to dump RIB scene for rendermode “catrib”.
searchpath:archivestring[]Search path for Rib archives and DelayedReadArchive.
searchpath:dirmapstring[]Search path remapping.
searchpath:displaystring[]Search path for display plug-ins.
searchpath:proceduralstring[]Search path for DynamicLoad procedural plug-ins.
searchpath:rifilterstring[]Search path for Rif plug-ins.
searchpath:rixpluginstring[]Search path for shading plug-ins.
searchpath:shaderstring[]Search path for OSL pattern plug-ins.
searchpath:texturestring[]Search path for texture files.
shade:debuginteger[0]Shading debug level.
shade:frequencyframetimefloat[-inf]Shading time for frequency “frame”.
Shutter:offsetfloat[0]Offset shutter open/close.
statistics:displace_ratiosfloat[2][0.1 1]
statistics:levelinteger[0]The verbosity of stats output
statistics:xmlfilenamestring[]The name of the xml stats file to write
stitch:refwarninginteger[1]Enable stitch warnings.
trace:depthmodestring[“separate”]Integrators track diffuse/specular depth “separate” or “combined”.
trace:maxdepthinteger[25]Maximum ray depth.
trace:worldoffsetfloat[3][0 0 0]World origin offset value when trace:worldorigin is set to “worldoffset”.
trace:worldoriginstring[“camera”]Compute world origin offset value as “camera”, “world”, or “worldoffset”.
user:<name><type><value>Arbitrary global user data.
volume:aggregateprecisionfloat[1]Aggregate volume precision, effecting memory usage.