PxrImagePlaneFilter is used to render an image plate for in-render compositing. It can be used in conjunction with the holdout workflow to composite 3D elements onto 2D plates.



A file path to the film plate texture image.

  • Texture images should be made with mode black and resize up.
  • PxrImagePlaneFilter expects the input texture to be a camera projection, not a Lat Long environment map. You must first bake out a 2D projection of your environment map if you wish to use it as your film plate.

Color Gain

Color multiplier.

Color Offset

Color offset.


Apply a sRGB to linear color transformation to the input texture.


Fit the image to display. Possible fit transformations are:

Offset X and Offset Y

Offset the image. Values are in screen space.

Scale X and Scale Y

Scale the image.


Rotate the image clockwise. Values are specified in degrees.

Holdout Shadow AOV

The name of the shadow AOV used when rendering holdout objects.