A camera model that approximates a number of real world physical effects. This supports all of the traditional prman perspective camera settings including shaped motion blur and bokeh.

Some examples of the effects PxrCamera can do:




Field of view (FOV) in degrees. For rectangular images this is normally the FOV along the narrower image dimension.


Angle in degrees to tilt the lens. Makes the plane of focus non-parallel to the image plane. Has no effect unless depth of field is enabled. Positive tilts up, bringing the focus in the top of the image closer and pushing the focus in the bottom further. Negative does the reverse.


Roll the lens clockwise. If the lens tilt is non-zero this can be used to rotate the plane of focus around the image center.


Shift the lens horizontally. This can be used to correct for perspective distortion. Positive values shift towards the right.


Shift the lens vertically. This can be used to correct for perspective distortion "keystone" effects. To keep vertical lines parallel, aim the camera horizontally and adjust this to include the subject. Positive values shift towards the top.