The Job Info pane displays information specific to the jobs that are currently selected in the Job List pane.

The job attributes in blue are editable and can be used to affect the dispatching of a job's tasks after the job has been submitted. To edit a field with an existing value, simply click and edit. Pressing return ends the edit, and will optionally prompt you to confirm the edit. To edit an empty field, simply click in the empty area and type a new value. When fields are edited, the dashboard validates the field prior to sending to the engine.

Note that multiple jobs can be selected, and the edit will be applied to all selected jobs. If all the selected jobs have the same values for a field, that value will be displayed; otherwise, <various> will be shown.

Editable Fields

Job Notes

The Notes box to the right of the job attributes displays user comments and system events for the selected job. If a user has permission to add a note to a job, "click to add note" will appear below the notes area. The notes area can be resized by dragging the lower left corner of the notes box.

The system event notes are useful to show the history of the job, such as when the priority was changed or when a job was restarted.

The user generated notes could be used as a communication channel between job owners and wranglers to advise on the importance or status of a job or to exchange debugging guidance.