Tractor 2.x Features

New features in Tractor 2 extend the core Tractor system established in the 1.x family of releases. There are a broad range of new additions and improvements, from productive new command line and scripting interfaces for wranglers, to simple user interface changes. Internal upgrades range from a new high-performance, high-capability job database, to new studio-wide resource sharing and allocation controls. Please refer to the guidelines described in Upgrading.

Here are some highlights:

Changes in 2.4 2091325

Bug fixes and improvements

Changes in 2.4 2069290

Tractor 2.4 is an update focused on overall performance, and handling large scale farm size, job size, and number of concurrently connected user sessions. Changes include:

Changes in 2.3 1923604

Changes in 2.2 1715407

Changes in 2.2 1677499

Changes in 2.2 1641321

Changes in 2.2 1625934

Changes in 2.2 1614082

Changes in 2.2 1593580

Changes in 2.2 1590950

Changes in 2.2 1588479

Changes in 2.2 1581500

Changes in 2.2 1572682

Changes in 2.2 1564321


Fixes and Optimizations

Changes in 2.2 1557505




Changes in 2.2 1551997

Tractor 2.2 includes significant updates to several internal systems to improve user experience, correctness, and overall performance. There have been a variety of other features and updates as well.

A complete shutdown of the engine and job database will be required for the transition to 2.2. Simply starting the 2.2 engine will cause the old database to be upgraded to the new format automatically. Note that this is a one-way data migration, please backup your data area prior to restarting with 2.2 in order to retain 2.1 format data, should you need to revert to the older engine. Any tasks left running on the farm when the older engine is shutdown will continue to execute, and older tractor-blade processes will re-register with the new engine when it is started. New 2.2 tractor-blade servers can be started later, all at once or on a rolling basis; also the blade.config VersionPin mechanism can be used to automatically upgrade blades as they finish their current tasks.




Changes in 2.1 1505289

Changes in 2.1 1496411

Changes in 2.0 1434105

Changes in 2.0 1428659

Changes in 2.0 1415017

Changes in 2.0 1393388