The Job List pane provides the primary interaction for the user to the Tractor jobs. It allows you to visualize which jobs are runing on the farm, sort and repriorize their queue order. You may also select jobs and remove them from the active job queue. Jobs are moved into an archive directory that can be accessed by other software.


The Job List pane will respond to several click and keystroke commands:

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several keyboard shortcuts for managing the selected jobs:

Archived Jobs

If the system has been configured to archive jobs, the job context menu will show Archive Job instead of Delete Job. To view archive jobs, press the current/archived button at the top of the job list so that archived is highlighted. The only operation that can be performed on an archived job is restore, which unarchives the job, moving it back to the current set of jobs.

Archiving or deleting jobs can help the system perform optimially, particularly for sites with hundreds of thousands of jobs.

When a job is archived, the historical job information such as task execution history, command statistics, and job notes are available for inspection.

Other UI Hints