Welcome to RenderMan 23.1!

Welcome to RenderMan 23.1. This release introduces improvements to the previous RenderMan in very significant ways.

Please dive right into the release notes below for more detailed information on the latest version of your favorite renderer!

New Features in 23.1



Miscellaneous Changes

  • The alembic procedural now supports:
    • shape pruning
    • conversion of poly meshes to subdiv and vice versa
    • attributes insertion/overrides via RLF
    • unsigned int primvars
  • The alembic procedural now correctly export all instanced objects.
  • PxrFlake: Fixed moire artifacts and lowered the cost of multiple flake layers (octaves). The pattern has changed but has the same characteristics as the previous version, some small visual differences are present
  • PxrUnified now supports Attribute "trace" "diffusedepth" and "speculardepth". Unlike PxrPathTracer, this behavior is opt-in only and must be enabled by setting the new integrator parameter "useTraceDepth" to 1
  • Reduced transform memory in scene graph representation

Known Limitations

Interactive/Live Rendering Limitations

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