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The Pixar License Server can be downloaded and installed in the RenderMan Installer along with RenderMan Pro Server and RenderMan for Maya/Katana/Houdini. Alternatively the individual installer for the License Server can be downloaded from the Downloads section of the forum website and run by hand.  (You must be logged in)

The machine that retrieves the license needs access to communicate with our license server. Essentially, if it cannot reach our forums, it cannot obtain the license.

To install the license server from the integrated installer package, first login with your forum name and password and provide the serial number for the floating licenses that you have purchased.

Once you have logged in, if you have NEVER setup a license server on the machine you are running the installer on; the installer will give you a warning.

This is telling you that the installer is about to key your license server to the host you are running the installer on.

If this is NOT the machine you want to run your license server on, press the Cancel button and re-run the installer on the machine you want to designate as the license server.

If you decide to make this machine your license server, the installer will then contact Pixar and retrieve your license file. It will place this license file by default in:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Pixar\pixar.license
  • macOS:  /Applications/Pixar/pixar.license
  • Linux: /opt/pixar/pixar.license

NOTE: On macOS and Windows, the operating system may ask for an administrator password. On Linux the installer must be run as sudo or root user.

The installer will then proceed to give you a list of available packages to download.

Since we are only interested in installing the license server, we will uncheck all other packages the installer may have automatically selected for us. NOTE: You may have to select the "Show All" checkbox to list the Pixar License Server package. Then we select only:

Pixar License Server 23.0 (XXXXXXX)

When we hit the "Next" button it will proceed to download the license server package and when has downloaded and installed it, you should see this:

Now there are some operating system specific configuration steps and choices to be made to get the Pixar License Server running after the installer is finished. For an explanation of the configurations click on a section below for the operating system the License Server has been installed on: