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Stats Portal Application

stportal is a new stand-alone application for viewing and interacting with the new RenderMan stats system. It contains the ability to view post-render report data and a live stream of diagnostics from an active render.


stportal [-h] [files [files ...]]

Live View

By default, when running without arguments

> stportal

will bring up a window with options for examining live stats from active renders. Similar to the live stats window currently available in DCCs, this window contains an overview of the current stats for an active render. The user selects a render from a list of active servers on the local machine. Other panels are available for viewing the log events as they happen, and a raw table of sampled metric data.

Report View

You can optionally provide JSON Report files on the command line for viewing and comparison.

> stportal report_1.json report_2.json

Files can be also loaded via the File→Load menu option.

Each report file is presented in a separate tab window containing an overview of basic stats. A compilation of all data in a tree structure is available under the Reports tab.  Whilst in a tree view the shortcut "i" will bring up an Inspector window with details about metrics as they are selected in the tree view.

The development for this portal application is ongoing and will be expanded to produce more comprehensive summary panels and analysis tools.