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PxrBakeTexture can be used as a pass-through node for baking patterns networks to 2D textures as part of the baking workflow.


Input Color

This is the incoming result of the pattern network to be baked. This connection requires a color (RGB). This input takes precedence over Input Float.

Input Float

This is the incoming result of a pattern network where the output is a float or scalar value.


The input/output filename of the resulting baked texture.

This parameter is required.

Atlas Style

Formatting style for atlas textures. When enabled, the filename must contain _MAPID_ which will be substituted automatically according to the surface parameterization.

ValueExample (texture_MAPID_.tex)
UDIM (MARI)texture1001.tex
UV Tile Base-1 (Mudbox)texture_u1_v1.tex
UV Tile Base-0 (Zbrush)texture_u0_v0.tex

UDIM is only defined for textures with U values in range 0.0 to 10.0 and V values greater than 0.0. Users should avoid negative texture coordinates for all atlas texture workflows.


Selects different reconstruction filters that can be used during texture lookup. The available filters are:

  • Nearest
  • Box
  • Bilinear
  • Bspline
  • Gaussian
  • Lagrangian

Mip Interpolate

Interpolate values between mipmap levels, resulting in smoother transitions between levels.

Invert T

Inverts the T parameter for the texture lookup.

Missing Color

Resulting color when there is an error opening the texture file.

Bake Mode

This mode enables or disables texture baking.

Render Mode

Control reading from input patterns or baked textures during regular renders.

AutomaticAttempts to first read previously baked textures, else the input pattern.
InputAlways reads from the input pattern.
TextureAlways reads from previously baked textures, else the missing color.

File Type

Output file type display driver such as txmake (.tex), OpenEXR (.exr), and TIFF (.tif).

File Format

Underlying formats for the txmake (.tex) file type: OpenEXR or TIFF

Data Type

OpenEXR data type: half or float.


Compression for OpenEXR file format: None, RLE, ZIP, or PIZ

Resolution X and Resolution Y

The resolution of the baked texture. Higher numbers may preserve more details at the cost of memory usage. For best results, use a power of two.

PrimVar ST/S

This parameter chooses the 2D or 1D primvar that defines the texture manifold. For NURBS objects this should be uvw.

PrimVar T

This optional parameter chooses a second 1D primvar that defines the texture manifold.

Active UDIM

When set only bake active UDIM tiles.