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Welcome to PxrSurface for Mari

RenderMan for Mari provides PxrSurface support in Mari 4.5+, 5.x & 6.x


Simply copy all the downloaded files from the RenderMan for Mari folder into the following default Mari script location




For installation into custom locations, you can reference the Mari documentation 
(note that this link is external to RenderMan and may change)

Known Limitations


  • The following features are not implemented:
    • Point light support
    • Specular anisotropy
    • Per-lobe bump
    • Clearcoat absorption.
    • Subsurface scattering only supports the subsurface color and renders it as a diffuse lobe.
    • All volumetric effects: subsurface scattering, single-scattering, glass absorption
  • Feature limitations
    • It is impossible to perfectly match a RenderMan render (GLSL and Mari limitations).
    • Transparency is not supported (Mari limitation).
    • Roughness isn't a perfect match (Mari Limitation).

Mari integration

    • Environment map switching doesn't work in Mari 4.5 (API bug) but is functional in the next release.
    • Conditional visibility is not supported by Mari: all PxrSurface parameters are always visible.
    • Nested parameter groups are not supported by Mari: all PxrSurface parameter groups are always visible.