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Normally the stats system does its work silently, however for those situations when things aren't working as expected there are built-in mechanisms to get diagnostics on the diagnostics system.

Config File Parsing

When getting started it can be useful to see more information about the parsing of the configuration file. Enabling the verbose option will print detailed config file parsing diagnostics to the console.

# Set this to 1 for extra information when parsing this file
verbose 1

This will automatically be enabled when the log level is set to Debug (5).

Stats System Diagnostics

Stats has its own logging mechanism that can be dialed up for more information about what's happening internally. This can be set in the configuration file using the following option:

# Stats processing log level.
# Range is 0 (none) to 5 (debug output). Default is 3 (warnings)
logLevel 3

The default (3) is set to output warnings and errors only. Set this to 4 for high-level informational messages, or 5 for detailed debugging messages.

Note: this log level is independent of prman's log level, as a means to separate renderer diagnostic logging from the diagnostic logging of the statistic system itself.

Command-line Debug Flag

If a problem is occurring before the configuration file is read, or if it's unclear if a configuration file is being read at all, there is a hidden command-line option for adjusting the level of pre-config file logging:

prman -statsdebuglevel 5 ...

The above command will set the log level to 5 ("debug") until a config file is found, at which point the log level specified in the config file will take precedence.