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PxrBakePointCloud can be used as a pass-through node for baking patterns networks to 3D point clouds as part of the baking workflow.


Input Color

This is the incoming result of the pattern network to be baked. This connection requires a color (RGB).

Input Float

This is the incoming result of a pattern network where the output is a float or scalar value. This is useful for baking some procedural noise like PxrVoronoise.


The input/output filename of the resulting baked point cloud.

This parameter is required.

Bake Mode

Enable or disable point cloud baking.

File Type

Output file type display driver: PTC (.ptc)


Density of baking points per unit in world space. Larger values create more points.

Coordinate System

Output point cloud coordinate space:

  • world
  • object
  • camera
  • ptex (outputs Ptex compatible point cloud (.ptc) file for use with the ptxmake utility.

Ptex requires that the geometry have a '__faceindex' primvar.