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Welcome to PxrSurface for Mari 22.7

RenderMan for Mari provides PxrSurface support in Mari 4.5+

Where do you find this? When running the installer choose "Show All". We do not auto-detect Mari on your computer.

You can reference the Mari documentation on installation (note that this link is external to RenderMan and may change)

What's New

  • Clearcoat thickness and attenuation now supported

Known Limitations


  • The following features are not implemented:
    • Point light support
    • Specular anisotropy
    • Per-lobe bump
    • Subsurface scattering only supports the subsurface color and renders it as a diffuse lobe.
    • All volumetric effects: subsurface scattering, single-scattering, glass absorption
  • Feature limitations
    • It is impossible to perfectly match a RenderMan render (GLSL and Mari limitations).
    • Transparency is not supported (Mari limitation).
    • Roughness isn't a perfect match (Mari Limitation).

Mari integration

    • Environment map switching doesn't work in Mari 4.5 (API bug) but is functional in the next release.
    • Conditional visibility is not supported by Mari: all PxrSurface parameters are always visible.
    • Nested parameter groups are not supported by Mari: all PxrSurface parameters groups are always visible.