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Many user facing changes are listed in the Release Notes. This document lists the main issues for developers who are migrating from 23 to 24. For migration from 22 to 23, please refer to Migrating from 22.x to 23.

Parameter Lists

  • pxrcore::ParamList has been split into ParamList and PrimVarList; the distinction is that RtPrimVarList is preferred for geometry calls.
  • RtParamList.h has been removed; the typedefs for RtParamList and RtPrimVarList have been moved to RiTypesHelper.h


There have been many changes in Riley in order to streamline the creation of displays and cameras, as well as to allow for the editing of options. Please note that as of PRMan 24.0, Riley should still be considered an unstable interface.

  • The Riley header file is now namespaced by version (currently 0.3). The Riley class is now accessible as 'riley::vX_Y::Riley'. In order for this to be forward-declarable, a new header 'Riley_version.h" has been added which only contains the versioned namespace information. By default, the versioned namespace is also imported into the 'riley' namespace, so that the various Riley API components can also be accessed by only using 'riley::Riley'.
  • The Begin() and End() routines have been removed.
  • The use of the term "Master" has been completely replaced with "Prototype" throughout.
  • RenderViews are now first class citizens:
    • RenderViewId has been added.
    • CreateRenderView(), ModifyRenderView(), and DeleteRenderView() has been added.
    • The RenderSettings struct has been removed.
    • Render() now takes a RenderView, which contains the information about the camera, integrator, and render target to render.
  • SetRenderOptions() has been renamed to SetRenderSettings().
  • SetActiveCamera() has been renamed to SetDefaultDicingCamera().
  • CreateGeometryMasterDeferred() has been removed.
  • Several new structs have been added in order to simplify parameter lists for certain routines:
    • RenderOutputList (affects RenderTarget and Display routines)
    • FilterSize and Extent (affects RenderOutput and RenderTarget routines)
  • A new riley::UserId class has been added to facilitate statistics gathering.
  • CreateMaterial() and ModifyMaterial() now accept parameter lists.
  • The ScopedCoordinateSystem struct has been renamed to CoordinateSystemList.
  • CreateDisplayFilterChain() has been replaced with CreateDisplayFilter(), ModifyDisplayFilter(), and DeleteDisplayFilter().
  • CreateSampleFilterChain() has been replaced with CreateSampleFilter(), ModifySampleFilter(), and DeleteSampleFilter().
  • SetClippingPlanes() has been replaced with CreateClippingPlane(), ModifyClippingPlane(), and DeleteClippingPlane().
  • CreateRiley() now accepts a RtParamList, which allows the behavior of the Riley variant to be changed based on supplied parameters.
  • A new InvalidateTexture() method has been added, allowing textures to be invalidated directly via Riley.
  • Two new methods SetRenderOptions() and SetRenderMetadata() have been added to support general options edits. These calls can be made while Render() is running.
  • The Id types have been changed from enums to classes.
  • Inconsistencies in the order of array parameters and the size of those arrays have been addressed.
  • Inconsistencies between the Create and Modify routines with respect to modifiable parameters that have array types have been addressed.

Rix Shading Plugins

  • The use of the RtPointer and RtConstPointer types has been eliminated in favor of void * and const void *. Some usage of RtInt and RtBoolean has also been changed to int and bool.'
  • Usage of #include "ri.h" has been deprecated for Rix headers in favor of #include "RiTypesHelper.h".
  • The RixSCShadingMode enum has been extended with a new k_RixSCBakeIntegratorQuery, which allows plugins to distinguish between baking of patterns and baking of illumination.
  • RixShadingContext::pointWeight has been changed from a float to a RtColorRGB.
  • RixBxdfFactory::BeginScatter(), RixBxdfFactory::BeginOpacity, RixBxdfFactory::BeginInterior(), RixBxdfFactory::BeginScatter() have been extended to accept an opaque data pointer. When using nested Bxdfs in a shading network, this opaque pointer can be used by a parent Bxdf to pass data to children Bxdfs. When these methods are called by the renderer on the parent Bxdf this pointer will always be nullptr.
  • The number of available Bxdf user lobes as defined in k_RixBXMaxNumUserLobes has been set back to 8 (internally, the limit has always been 8)
  • Light filters now have new entry points:
    • ShadowFilter(): this is called after Filter() has run and after the default shadow rays have been traced. The new method can be used to calculate new transmittance values.
    • CreateMutableContext(): this method can be used to re-evaluate connected inputs to the lightfilter, which would be typically done after changing builtins of the shading context with RixShadingContext::SetBuiltinVar().
  • The RixRNG API remains mostly unchanged with respect to support for the new Blue noise pmj02 samples. There is an exception: for photon emission, the new methods ScrambledSample2D(), MultiScrambledSample2D(), etc should be used instead of the Sample2D() variants in order to ensure sufficient entropy in photon emission directions.

Deprecated APIs

The following interfaces should be considered deprecated, and will be removed in a future release:

  • dtex
  • RixDeepTexture
  • RixSymbolResolver
  • RixResourceResolver
  • RixStorage
  • RixMutex
  • RixThreadUtils