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This nodes allows artists to place patterns using a 3D projection as opposed to a 2D solution often used for textures reliant on UVs. This allows selection of Pref (for deforming meshes) and specification of a coordinate system to transform to. 

Input Parameters


Scale the frequency of the feature uniformly in 3D.


Select the type of position you want to use.

UsageValueDefault variable
Current position: PUse the current (displaced) surface position0P
Undisplaced position: PoUse the surface position before it was displaced1Po

Deform : __Pref

Use a reference position primitive variable in object space2__Pref
Deform & transform: __WPrefUse a reference position primitive variable in world space3__WPref

You can only use  __Pref  and  __WPref  if these primitive variables have been attached to your geometry using your bridge product. Typically known as a Reference or Rest pose. Note that these are just names, the underlying bridge product provides the data as named, not the pattern node. If using a procedural such as Alembic, be sure the data has Pref baked into the objects on export.

Why use the un-displaced position ?

When using the same 3d noise in the BxDF and the displacement, you should use Po to make sure the patterns are lining up.


                                   Bad: using P                                                                   Good: using Po                                                                       Left: P Right: Po


Name of geometry Pref (Maya uses __Pref and __WPref). 

This field is only used when Use is set to "Deform : __Pref" or "Deform & transform: __WPref" .

If left empty, we assume either __Pref or __WPref , based on the current Use settings.

Coordinate System

Name of a coordinate system transform to apply to the manifold. (Maya calls these place3d nodes).

If left empty, we use the position in object-space, as this is what you need for non-deforming objects.


Connect a noise or texture to warp the domain

Warp amount

Slider control the amount of warp

Output Parameters


The 3D manifold.


A float representation of the X component of the manifold.


A float representation of the Y component of the manifold.


A float representation of the Z component of the manifold.