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Use these settings to preview certain AOVs to aid in the development of your creative toonning!


The Beauty AOV being rendered before the Stylized Looks filters are applied

Toon Ramp

The Toon ramping.

Toon Final

Your beautiful toon image

Toon Final with Spec

Your beautiful toon image + specular highlights

Diffuse Energy

The energy emitted by the Diffuse AOV

Diffuse Luminance

The luminance of the diffuse AOV


The Albedo AOV

Signal AOV String

Name of a color AOV to use for the signal to toon shading. Typically diffuse, but you can put any light AOV here. This AOV has to be setup in Maya/Katana/Houdini or DisplayFilter will exit.

Diffuse Energy from 

Under the hood a white shader approximation is created based off the Signal AOV to drive the Toon response. By default using average of RGB components of Signal AOV, but can also divide Signal AOV lighting results with a pure albedo from NPRalbedo AOV or albedo AOV. If NPRalbedo AOV chosen, must set Albedo Color in Stylized Controller Pattern node.

Light Mask Switch

Use light aov defined in signal_aov_string above as mask for previously daisy-chained Stylized shaders and/or physically based lighting.

BG Color

Color of Background

Occl Integrator Switch

If Using Occlusion Integrator, turn this on

Float Spline

Remap Spline Switch


Step Mode

Albedo: steps to object albedo from albedo AOV. Light To Albedo: steps from white or light color to albedo color of object (use albedoLift to see more if dark albedo or textures). Darks Color: step to chosen color instead of default black.

Toon Diffuse Steps

Number of steps to quantize diffuse lighting

Albedo Lift

When Step Mode = Albedo or Light to Albedo, you can use this to lift your albedo values


Color to step to

Linstep Min

Min for min-max remap of stepping. Check the NPRtoonDiffRamp AOV to visualize.

Linstep Max

Max for min-max remap of stepping. Check the NPRtoonDiffRamp AOV to visualize.


Gamma for toon diffuse ramp. Check the NPRtoonDiffRamp AOV to visualize.

Step to Albedo

Step to Albedo Color of objects instead of Blacks. Still uses Blacks, but as a multiplier on the Albedo Color, so switch Blacks to a grayscale value.