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The denoiser can be run from the command line on frames that have already been rendered to disc in the condition that the required AOVs are correct


denoise_batch [-h] [-v] [-a ASYMMETRY] [-o OUTPUT] [-cf] [-f] [-j] files [files ...]

positional arguments:


Input files for the denoiser. Files can be either specified via:
1) a list of files Ex: foo.0001.exr foo.0002.exr foo.0003.exr...
2) a simple glob Ex: foo.*.exr
3) a frame range Ex: foo.####.exr foo.diffuse.####.exr 1-50
Note, you can control which frames are actually denoised using the --frame-include
or --frame-exclude arguments. This is useful in the case of crossframe denoising
where you only want specific frames to be denoised, and not necessarily all input

optional arguments:

-h,-h,show this help message and exit
-v,--verboseVerbose output for debugging.

--include-aovsInclude AOVs in the output image for debugging
-a ASYMMETRY,--asymmetry ASYMMETRYcontrols the asymmetry value, 0 is the best quality, and higher values encourage the denoiser to avoid overblurring, leading to weaker denoising.
-o OUTPUT,--output OUTPUTThe output directory for the denoised images. The JSON config file(s) will also be written to this directory. 

If not specified, we write into a subdirectory called "denoised", from the image path.
-cf,--crossframeDo crossframe denoising
-f,--flowWhether to compute optical flow.
-j,--jsonIf provided, use the first input file as the configuration JSON file. All other files and options are ignored.

 --frame-include FRAME_INCLUDE

Includes only the passed frame indices in the denoising job.
Sequences can be specified as comma separated list of half-open ranges.

  • 0 refers to the first frame.
  • 1-3 refers to frames with index 1 and 2.
  • A missing start index in a range is considered 0, a missing end index is considered the sequence length.
  • -3 refers to all frames up to but not including frame index 3.
  • 3- refers to all frames starting with frame index 3.

--frame-exclude FRAME_EXCLUDE

Excludes the passed frame indices from the denoising job.
Sequences can be specified as comma separated list of half-open ranges, just
like for the include list as seen above.

for example :
$RMANTREE/bin/denoise_batch -o /path/to/directory/for/denoised/images imagename.*.exr