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The denoiser can be run via an artist-friendly UI and can be run here :


Single Frame
Select this if you wish to denoise a single frame

Select this option if you want to denoise a sequence of frames

Add Directory
This option will allow you to choose a directory that contains the frame(s) you wish to denoise.

Options to clean up jSON files and whether to launch the denoising process in LocalQueue

Lists current denoising progress and any errors that have occurred.

Select which passes you wish to denoise

Whether to compute optical flow.

Prints further information about the denoising process

Inc. AOVs
Include AOVs in the output image for debugging

Save To
The output directory to where you'd like your beautiful denoised renders to be placed.

Whilst it might sound obvious, always make sure you add a frame number to your filename, otherwise, the denoiser will fail, even if you are rendering a single frame.