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  • Fixed crashes on the GPU that could occur when using the OSL printf(), warning(), or error() shadeops. RMAN-22085
  • Fixed instability issues with XPU when using Solaris. RMAN-22151


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using light filters with light linking. RMAN-22154
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to fireflies in situations with stacked lights (such as a dome light behind another light source). RMAN-21969


  • Fixed an issue unique to 26.0 that could cause crashes on certain non-manifold subdivision mesh surfaces. RMAN-22051



  • Added caching to OpenVDB, which improves memory and speed performance in cases where the same VDB grid is used many times. (XPU already has a memory-focused variant of this optimization.) RMAN-21922


  • The RixTexture::TextureDerivatives() call has been restored to its former functionality. (In R26.0 it returned RixTexture::InvalidFile for non-texture-atlas files.)


  • The accuracy of an edgeTint lookup-table used by the LamaConductor bxdf in "Artistic" mode has been improved in both RIS and XPU. This can lead to slight look differences for that bxdf at grazing angles.


  • Fixed a bug where the field of view was not correct when resizing windows in a viewport render, and no camera exists in the scene.

  • Fixed bugs related to refreshing an OSL shader via the PxrOSL shading node.
  • Fixed a bug that caused integrators to use the wrong settings during IPR.
  • Fixed a bug that caused instances created via geometry nodes to have the wrong material attached.